What I make:

Scripted | Edited | Motion Graphics

A survey of the growing population crisis in Northeast Nigeria’s garrison towns, where refugees have had to make permanent homes out of what was hoped to be a temporary asylum.

Developed | Scripted | Edited

A short documentary that explores simple, powerful biotechnology that’s reversing flooding and erosion in Nepal, and the people whose lives it has saved and changed.

Developed | Interview | Edited | Motion Graphics

An episode of a CSIS video series I made that explains the current (Nov. 2020) state of the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria and where the movement may go from here.

Scripted | Edited | Motion Graphics

A profile of Senator Arthur Vandenberg that uses historical footage and photos to shed light on a life responsible for the international institutions that defined the 20th Century.

Research | Motion Graphics

An animated map tour for the beginning of a longform journalism piece about Russian military presence in the Arctic.

Scripted | Edited | Motion Graphics

Building the AI Ecosystem for National Security: a breakdown of the components required for successful implementation of AI for defense applications.