What I create:

I scripted, designed, and edited this video. | August 2020

A short documentary that explores simple, powerful biotechnology that’s reversing flooding and erosion in Nepal, and the people whose lives it has saved and changed.

I developed, scripted, edited, and animated this video. | May 2020

A survey of the growing population crisis in Northeast Nigeria’s garrison towns, where refugees have had to make permanent homes out of what was hoped to be a temporary asylum.

I developed, scripted, conducted the interview, edited, and animated this video. | November 2020

On October 3, 2020, footage of a man being shot and killed by Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) went viral. The following days and weeks saw Nigerians take to the streets to demand that the government finally end the SARS unit after decades of abuse. The #ENDSARS protests spanned continents and have begun to evolve into wider calls for reform and civic change within Nigeria. In this episode of the CSIS video series What’s Happening, Judd Devermont, Special Advisor for Africa Strategy at National Security Council, explains the rise of the movement, what it’s achieved so far, where it can go from here, and what it means for the future of Nigeria.

I developed, managed filming, scripted, edited, and did animation for this video. | January 2022

This short documentary is part of a series I managed and helped create about the current state of Kenya’s pediatric HIV care. The Covid-19 pandemic has been dangerously disruptive to services for vulnerable mothers and children living with HIV. This video explores how community leaders and health professionals have found creative ways to stay connected and adjust delivery mechanisms to continue providing services for those who need them most.